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Heart disease is the #1 killer of women.

Council on Women’s Cardiovascular Health (CWCH)
Philippine Heart Association (PHA)

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The Philippine Heart Association Council on Women’s Cardiovascular Health (PHA CWCH) has developed this microsite for public awareness and information dissemination on the unique needs and features of the heart of the Filipino woman.

This site will address the many concerns that women have about their heart health, with the hope that women of all ages will become aware that they are susceptible to heart attack.

Because the woman’s heart is unique in many ways and can be different from a man’s heart, including the presentation and outcome of heart disease, it deserves special attention and care, hence this microsite.

The fragile and delicate structure of the woman’s heart makes it vulnerable and less durable during a heart attack. Yet very few women know this as true.

Hence, the challenge to every reader is to be your own heart health hero and give your heart the care that it deserves because heart disease is not just a man’s disease as is commonly known.

The Council’s PROJECT EVA uncovered the alarming misconceptions of women’s heart health issues. It showed that women are less likely to think that they will suffer from heart attacks, simply because they are not knowledgeable of or sensitive to the symptoms which could be as subtle as extreme fatigue, neck, back, jaw or throat pain, nausea and anxiety. Above all, women have other priorities at home and work that deviate from their concern about heart disease and how to prevent it.

The PUSONG PINAY microsite will be incorporated in the, the PHA website, the official platform to disseminate its many advocacies geared towards a heart healthy Philippines.

Yes, this site is for you, the Filipino woman.

The goal is to empower the female gender to have a heart health promotive behavior, for you play a big role in generations now and henceforth. As the African proverb says:

“When you empower a man, you empower an individual. When you empower a woman; you empower a generation.”


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About Pusong Pinay

PUSONG PINAY is a microsite spearheaded by the Philippine Heart Association (PHA) Council on Women’s Cardiovascular Health (CWCH).pusongpinay qr code
In this era of digital technology where priceless information are readily accessible through the Net, the PHA CWCH conceived PUSONG PINAY  which  offers a focused content at a smaller scale – the heart of the Filipino woman and women in general.
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