The Philippine Heart Association (PHA), an organization of close to 2,000 cardiovascular specialists, advances its Advocacy partnership with the Philippine National Police (PNP) to the next level.

Early today, the PHA, represented by its President Dr. Orlando Bugarin and fellow officers – Drs. Erric Jude Cinco, secretary; Luigi Pierre Segundo, director; and Don Robespierre Reyes, editor in chief, PHA MyHeart.Ph; joined the mammoth police force under the leadership of PGen Debold Sinas, in the PNP Four-Minute Fitness Habit video shoot at Camp Crame in Quezon City.

Exact venue is the vast grounds of the White House, Multi-Purpose Center and PNP National Headquarters Building.

Crafted by fitness power couple Jim and Toni Saret, the four-minute workout promises to burn as much as 600 calories in four minutes. The Sarets are the Healthy Lifestyle Ambassadors of the PHA.  

Sinas and the Sarets led the demonstration-video shoot that also features the PHA top brass.

“A four-minute workout every hour or anytime, anywhere, sounds cool and handy, especially for the PNP men who are always on the go. They are the epitome of discipline, action and fitness, ” said Bugarin.

This workout encourages busy individuals to spread their exercise schedule throughout the day whether they are at home, in the workplace or any public or private place. It requires and encourages working people to pause for four minutes to do the routine.

“It is customized for those who can’t go to the gym and workout for hours. No gadgets, no heavy equipment. All you need is a small space,” added Bugarin.

Based on studies, obesity  is on the rise on a global scale and is a growing problem in the Philippines.

“Cumulative short exercises and smart eating can go hand in hand, said Segundo, adding, “just like any physical activity, this particular workout can increase your heart rate and burn an extra calorie or  two.  A series of four-minute exercises during the day also increases one’s metabolism and  resistance; and enhances one’s mood.”

The PHA 52100 Advocacy campaign has  captured the interest of  the public.

The four-minute exercise is an offspring of the daily healthy lifestyle code 52100 (5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily; not more than 2 hour video time and 2 grams of added salt daily; 1 hour of physical activity,  0 sugared drinks and 0 smoking) , particularly its “1 hour of physical activity daily” tenet.  

Meanwhile,  the PNP-PHA alliance began with a series of Cardiopulmonary Trainings  in PNP camps in Metro Manila and around the country in 2018, thru the help of the Sarets.

On October and 13, 2020,  the PNP chose the PHA as CPR Training provider of its NCR Police Office CARE Program Team which is composed of cop nurses. The  two-day training was conducted at Camp Karingal, Quezon City.




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