Annual Strategic Planning

The PHA Road Map

At the onset of every fiscal year, the new PHA top gun gets down to business with his co-workers in the Board, the Chapter presidents, Council and Committee and Sub-Committee chairpersons, to draft and chart the association’s road map in the next five years.
This year’s PHA Strategic Planning & Consultative Workshop was held on July 30, 2016 at the Bellevue Hotel in Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila.
PHA President Dr. Raul Lapitan presented his eight-point agenda platform:

  1. Beefing up the Councils & Committees;
  2. Beyond Chapter Engagement;
  3. Advocacies & Social Responsibilities;
  4. Strengthen Beyond-Borders Relationship;
  5. Boost Registries, Guideline and Researches;
  6. Website Enhancement (Unifying Social Media & Communication)
  7. “International” PHA Annual Convention; and
  8. Operational Efficiency.

The facilitators employed strategic imperatives, specific strategies, measurable desired outcomes and timelines and principles in engendering inputs. The collective outputs from identified primary concerns which are targeted to have changes and developments by April 2017 were:

Solidarity and Dedication
The aim for a more cohesive group of Councils and Committees. Thirty percent of the entire PHA membership are active council members. The Councils on Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease and Congenital Heart Disease will post a 10-percent increase in number of active adult cardiologists.

In heart health education (CPR Training Advocacy promotion, Media relations/mileage) in April next year, 30,000 lay people should be aware of the 52100/healthy lifestyle and should have undergone CPR training.

Effective Channel and Conduits
Local clinical practice guidelines can have a wide reach if these will be circulated in the eight PHA chapters and uploaded in the PHA website. The number of hits in the website should be at least 10 per day. One of the cost-effective ways of doing this is by holding symposia and lectures in each region through the eight Chapters as well as conducting CORE-GIVe sessions in all the chapters with 1,000 cardiologist and non-cardiologist attendees.

Social Conscience
In the Advocacy and Social Responsibility department, the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease using the 52100 platform, harnessing the PHA’s constant partners, Department of Health, Department of Education, non-government organizations and media (TV, radio and print), should be ready for implementation in K-12 schools by 2017-2018. The 52100 will have its shining moment with its inclusion in the K-12 curriculum.

To get CPR-Ready Philippines moving fast and rising high, it is best to capitalize on RA 10871, the CPR Law and the formulated CPR training module; tri-media and a National CPR Day. Provided it has a well-oiled machinery. The performance of the students trained should be evaluated during the school year 2017-2018.

PHA stands out in international confabs
Pillars and emerging names in the local cardiovascular horizon have penetrated the international scene. By all means, this is a stature that the PHA and the Filipino cardiologist should maintain. Better yet, we should exceed our past achievements. PHA should not rest on its laurels. As eternal students, PHA officers should continue to nurture its ties with foreign heart societies in the same manner that they should be tireless in stimulating young cardiologists.

Looking beyond the Philippine shores, the Philippines will be a conspicuous figure at the ASEAN and European Society of Cardiology exchange trainings and international researches/registries from 2017 to 2019. Although it has proven its worth as an international convention host several times over, it is looking forward to hosting the Asia Pacific Society of Cardiology conference in May 2019 in Manila.

Admittedly, the Philippines is laidback with regards to registries, guidelines and researches. During the tenure of Dr. Eugene Reyes as president in 2013-2014, the PHA Councils embarked on registries, guidelines and researches. Lapitan, during his chairmanship of the Continuing Medical Education Committee years ago, designed and implemented CORE-GIVe. From May 2016 to May 2017, the goal is that every Council should conduct one research/guideline/registry with a 10-percent increase in output every year.

Increased efforts on Registries
To make the ongoing registries sustainable, a technical working group for coordinators and research assistants should be created and participating hospitals should be given incentives. An increase by 100 percent in the registered patients every year is envisioned.

Efforts to increase funding and sustain these projects must be exerted. Educational materials and modules must be produced, and collaboration with other societies to help collect, collate and report data must be established.

Flow with the IT wave
The PHA website must invest and venture into social media. The website is envisioned to be a must-visit site by keeping it attractive. Editorial content has to be reinforced. News updates should be uploaded on a regular basis. A social media policy must be created and a dedicated social media administrator must be hired to enhance the website’s operations.

Global Standards, issues in local milieu
The PHA annual Convention which has been gathering local and foreign speakers and delegates has to keep abreast with global and current topics and issues. Sustaining and strengthening collaborations with ASEAN and Asia Pacific counterparts must be a priority. Target figures include 15 joint sessions with societies in collaboration with approximately 100 participants and having at least 10 renowned foreign speakers during annual conferences. To these ends, these big events need promotion in the website, through media, posters and flyers for international conventions.

Good organization
Operational efficiency is the key to high standardization. To streamline the PHA workforce, officers and staff should attend 10 competency trainings in one year and participate in regular team building activities. Moreover, the need to add to the working staff to improve on the PHA’s efficiency is deemed imperative.



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