The Philippine Heart Association is always embarking on HEART HEALTH PROMOTION programs directly communicating with its local chapters that are inclusive in nature. Local government units, local doctors (gps, fam Med), regional to barangay health offices, parishes and communities are always encourage and welcome to be part of the regular activities. Hearthealth Advocacies which included proactive instructions on healthy lifestyle endorsed by PHA Champions on Hearthealth Lifestyle (Passcode: 5-2-1-0-0) [5- servings of fruits and vegetables, 2 - less than 2 hours of TV screening or gadgets, 1 hour of excise, 0 for zero sugary drinks, and 0 smoking], live demonstrations of simple but yet effective and practical exercise, preparing easy to cook Hearthealth diet, "Know-Your-Numbers" or "Make Control Your Goal" campaign (CORBook) and even teaching everybody how to do hands-only CPR are very much appreciated by the local participants, doctors and lays but much has to be done.

Personally, I fell that there should be robust and stronger collaborations with other agencies whether government or NGOs driven with a common mission/vision. Few recommendations, mentioned below, will definitely make ways...

First, implement a complete proactive and sustained Government (DOH-DepEd)-NGO (Medical societies e.g. PCP, PHA and the like) collaboration approach to adopting population-wide interventions that address risk factors, from primordial prevention (from conception) level to primary & secondary, precluding tertiary care (surgical measures) level. Prioritize the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases through commitments at the highest levels by Governments, NGOs (medical societies) and the populace. Concerted efforts from a tripartite link and collaboration, Government agencies/LGUs [DOH, DepEd, Provincial & Municipal Health Offices, School Health Curriculum], - Private Sectors [NGOs & Medical Societies] & Populace [The community]

Second, undertake continuous primary health-care measures, including prioritized packages of essential interventions, along with long-term care (includes palliative),for those who already have non-communicable diseases or who are at high risk of contracting them. Out-Patient support from PHILHEALTH is MANDATORY.

Third, strengthen the capacity of LGU (Provincial and Municipal Health. Office) and involved private sectors (local chapters/societies of various medical societies) to monitor such diseases and their risk factors and determinants, especially in lower-income bracket; social data disaggregated by, for example, by gender, was also encouraged. DATA GATHERED NECESSARY FOR THE CREATION OF HEALTH-RELATED DECISION POLICIES.

Fourth, harness lessons learned from successful national health programs (if there is like infectious? - perhaps, explaining why there's a reduction of infectious-related mortality) and proceed with effective integration with the non-communicable disease initiatives.

And finally, the role of social media should not be undermined. Massive information drive & awareness campaign play a vital role. Through corporate social responsibilities of various communication agencies should be educed and inspired. Optimize tri-media presence, prints (broad sheets & tabloids) and radio can reach far-flung corners of the country while TV, cinemas can cover the urban world. END



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