My piece... INAUGURAL SPEECH as the 65th President of PHA

It all started with 5, five well-rounded mentors who firmly believe in my capacity, 5 respected colleagues who have a strong faith in my potential to lead, five fellows of the PHA who were braved enough to write down my name and nominate me to be part of this association.

Do you know why i signed the conforme 5 years ago?

Well, because 'twas easy to yes these 5 people. If you say YES, thats the end of discussion but If you say otherwise you have to justify and look for excuses. Well, I just did it and told myself that i wont make it anyway considering all nominees were highly favored than myself.

Perhaps, 'twas God's will...the greatest challenge in my cardiology life came in right before my face.

To tell you honestly, during my first year as a director..i don't know if i really have to thank these people. Sometimes, cant help it but to think, maybe they pushed me to the fire. But now, i realized, with my head up on the sky and both feet on the ground and gladly say with all humility, THANK YOU SO MUCH to these 5 personalities and to ALL of you for your trust and confidence, THANK YOU for believing in me for the past 5 years.

Looking back i finally realized that they meant NO HARM...In fact, they pushed me outside of my comfort zone..not to be bitter but to be much better.

I never thought that i could make it and reached this far...from a simple over-all training officer managing only a handful of members, minding the section's activities for 6 years with Dr. Anthony King, Adoracion Nambayan-Abad, Florina R. Kaluag, Benjamin Alimurung to a well-rounded creative director answerable not only to a few but to the entire organization.

...and now I'm here before you, humbled, privileged and so proud to accept the full responsibility and ready to face the challenges as the 65th President of the Philippine Heart Association.

Joining the PHA board, undeniably, means sacrifice...sacrifice in terms of time spent with my patients, time spent with friends and of course, time spent with my wife and my children. Amongst the many thingS I've learned from joining the pha board,...its how to effectively manage my time.

Moving forward, being a member of PHA Board unfold another chapter of my life. Had a chance to become a more significant, meaningful and productive member of the organization. Through the years, as i ascend to the final test...had a chance to learn from people like you...from the wisdom of the past presidents and elders, contemporary batch mates and young colleagues; interact with foreign counterparts; and, deal cautiously on challenging issues facing the organization, wether local or international.

Right from the very beginning, with all humility 'twas a pleasure working with sisterly-caring Dr. Noh Lopez, cool mind of Dr. Bel Ontengco, analytical thoughts of Dr. Bong Javier, research savvy of Dr. Eugene Reyes, intriguing psyche of Dr. Joel Abanilla and of course, to my dynamic partner Dr. Alex Junia. Indeed, Its challenging but great minds...accomplish great ends.

Join me and the newly elected board of officers and directors as i walk you through to my 7 point agenda for the next 12 months.

1. Beefing up the Councils & Committees
You have seen proactive members of Council on CAD cascading all the important informations, analyzed data and statements on the PHILIPPINE GUIDELINES IN THE MANAGEMENT OF CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE made-applicable to all Filipino patients to different training institutions and centers through CREaTIV Workshop.

You have heard the Council on Preventive Cardiology chaired by Dr. Adriel Guerrero with his enthusiastic members speaking on the 2nd PHILIPPINE GUIDELINES on MANAGEMENT OF DYSLIPIDEMIA before the various medical societies and organizations.

Rest assure that all Research outputs from different councils and committees will be made know to all. It will not remain as a written report but it will be presented through various media fora, conferences and meetings.

2. Beyond Chapter Engagement.
Launching the CORE-GIVe Project some 2 years ago really paved the way to chapter membership re-activation. Initially conceptualized to bring CME right before their doorstep, enticed membership participation and bring financial support to each chapter..and now we could see its growing exponentially. We even share the Up-to-date medical informations to non-cardiologist members of the community. Financially stable chapters are now can come up with various self-sustaining scientific and social activities.

Dr. Junia and I have requested all chapters to come up with names that will serve as a point person assign to a particular council. Actively involving these members will definitely have an impact in information dissemination.

If we are really serious to rally behind the WHF is reducing cardiovascular disease, simultaneously with all the chapters..we have to start unselfishly sharing what we have learned. Launch a massive awareness campaign on the various issues surrounding preventive cardiovascular disease through a series of practical interactive activities and workshops.

3. Advocacies & Social Responsibilities
5-2-1-0-0 Advocacy remains in the forefront in our healthy lifestyle advocacy.
A primodial preventive measure to ensure an healthy heart.

As chair of the Heart month 2016, we have launched the CORBook that featured "Make Control Our Goal". As primary preventive educational campaign measures for the filipino communities that feature 5 major risk factor, such as overweight and obesity, hypertension, abnormal cholesterol, high blood sugar and smoking animated and explained in taglish for easy and better understanding. This will be massed produce and distributed to all chapters and will be utilized in all community-based activities like world heart day and heart month.

CPR-Ready Philippines is slowly but surely stepping up. As presented by Dr. Alex Junia the Samboy Lim Bill (inclusion of CPR basic learnings and skills in K to 12 curriculum of the Department of Education) was finally approved by both House of Congress and Senate and due for signing by the President of the Republic. We will continuously monitor the progress and follow it up without fail. Shifting to a higher gear, the current board will work and explore on measures both with NGOs and government agencies for the availability and access to AED in all public and private places.

Regular media fora will continue to booster our information drive for disease awareness and feature health issues with social relevance.

4. Strengthen Beyond Our Borders Relationship
PHA must also step up and actively collaborate with various organizations like ACC, AFC, APSC and now ESC as we face the challenge of globalization.

5. Boost Registries, Guidelines & Researches
Continue what has been started, now it's time to shift to a higher gear. At this point, let me commend the Research Com Chair and all the council chairs for painstakingly accepting the challenge.

ACS registry chaired by Dr. Imelda Caoili-Ang is on its 6th year and number research outputs are already queued for local and international publication.

The 2nd PHA Coronary Artery Disease guidelines delivered by Dr. Vic Lazaro & group is already indexated through ASEAN Heart Journal and you can download it thru pubmed if you wish to but certainly, will work on the inclusion of PHA Guidelines in the Management of Dyslipidemia to a similar publication.

Heart Failure registry is on its way thru the effort of the council chaired by Dr. Paul Reganit. Preliminary report has been presented and still we are looking forward for its completion.

Protocols for the AF, Cardiac Cath & Intervention, RF-RHD and Congenital Heart Disease registries have been approved together with their respective budget and hopefully, their respective chairs can present their partial output, if not yet completed, in next year scientific meeting.

"BP ng Teacher Ko, Alaga Ko" has been an on-going project of the council of Hypertension for several years now and i believed it time to come up with a good data.

6. Website Enhancement
In this era of digital world, cant help but to look for instant way to deliver messages and informations. Hand-in-hand with the current website PHA experts, will try to re-invent the values of this website for all our members. As long as your email addresses are updated, you'll received important messages, alert news and CME challenges on-line.

7. "International" PHA Annual Convention
Just like anybody, i have a dream...a dream to make this annual convention and scientific meeting a venue to meet other foreign counterparts. A venue for our neighboring Asian cardiologists to attend, interact and learn. We all believe that the pha annual scientific meeting is much better or at least at par with international conferences from organizing, to faculties and up to date and challenging topics.
Lets try to win their interest and learn from our example.

Driven by my commitment and dedication, the PHA will step up its pace. The road might not be an easy straight and smooth path but guided by the mission/vision of the PHA, with your support and active involvement, we can keep ourselves on tract, no stones will be left unturned as we move forward.

Allow me to thank God the Almighty for all the blessings and graces you have bestowed upon me and us. To You we bring back all the glory.

To my MMC family, department of medicine & section of cardiology for the trust and support.

To my mother, Amparo, who travelled across 7000 mis. just to join me and witness this momentous event. Nanay, maraming salamat po. Nanay para sa iyo ito.

To my ever loving wife, Rona, for staying with me, for her continuous understanding, for her endless and untiring support. for your sacrifice and patience.

To my children, Lois, Celina, Jed, Karl & Dana for being my inspiration.

And finally, to my late father, Rolando, I know you are happy and very proud of what I have achieved and to you i dedicate this honor.

Thank you and good evening.



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